HP Laptops designed for home and home office use. HP Pavilion troubleshooting , repair, and service manuals. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion G6 disassembly for cleaning. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion dv troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Disassembly Guides. Main board. Teardowns. HP Pavilion dv

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I swapped it with the cable for the quick play bar as a temporary fix and ordered in some new disasssembly and in the process of doing that somehow managed to break the plastic piece that holds the cable in the connector for the quick play bar.

Test your laptop with only one module either one installed. The instructions were perfect! Thank You So Much for the wonderful pictures. FYI my Pavilion dv had three coax cables to the wireless card: I did a restart.

I believe the microphone cable connected to the board which is mounted under the keyboard cover. You simply pull the cable from the connector. I disaseembly up the battery with some force.

Thanks for great diagrams.

What do you recommend I do to get my laptop back in working order? Is there any alternate power cable for the LCD display? Thanks for your help!

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Or it is in BIOS preconfigured? I truly appreciate it! If display cable is not hooked up properly, can it stop the system from loading the operating system? I have my HP Pavilion dv First, I would try reseating memory modules. Did you install the CPU correctly? Hey very useful informaion. Your comments on the situation please. But now i have another problem, the notebook i disassembled is a HP Pavillion DV eo and disssembly tried switching motherboards between that and another laptop, it didnt work so i changed back, when i took the old motherboard and had assembled the entire laptop again it didnt start either, any idea why it wont start?


I googled the error and looks like a lot of different HP laptops having exactly the same problem. First of all, test dv600 AC adapter. I opened the two special screws hex finally.

How can I tell if the failure is on the power board or the motherboard? Try starting the laptop from a bootable CD. Remove two screws securing the wireless card to the motherboard. Try removing the DVD drive. Ideally you should test your laptop with another known good adapter.

Do I have to add the artic sil to the pads or the chips?

Make sure memory modules seated correctly. I believe it was spinning but no lights and no auto play and not in hardware or Computer screen. I do have a question though, does the hp pavilion-dv and the hp pavilion-dv have the same lcd screen? Dissssembly Pavilion dv has known issues with the graphics card failure. The inverter board mounted under the LCD screen. Those connectors do not have locks. Can you tell me how to clean the fan from inside? If you have the nvidia card, the gpu has cooling pipes as well, so the fan is gated differently from the ones pictured.


Is this a hardware failure? I got this thing down to the motherboard thank to this tutorial and it appears and smells hpp it burnt up a circuit or so on the motherboard. The caps lock works great but dusassembly blue led light does not work.

All you have to do is remove one screw and pull the drive out.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

So, something is wrong inside the laptop. Thanks for posting this online.

Try reconnecting the DVD drive. After the connector is unlocked, you can pull the cable. If yes, most likely this is software related problem. It will look something like this: I use Seatools utility from Seagate site for testing hard drive.

Moreover, the touchpad button pavilino a part of the top cover assembly. Followed your step-by-step procedure-great pictures especially the colored highlights. What happens when you push on the power button?