Hilyat al-Awliya wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya (Ranges of The Friends of Allah) Arabic Book By [B# 6G5 HB pp 12 Vols,2 @7A1,, Dar Al- Kotob Ilmiyah Al-Fawz Al-Kabir Fi Usul Al-Tafsir:Shah Waliyyullah, New English. Hilyat ul- Awliya wa Tabaqat-ul-Asfiya (The Adornment of the Saints and the encyclopedic book by Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad al-Isphahani. English Books > Pearls of Remembrance > – اسلامی لائبریری .. Abu Nuaym, Hilyat-ul-awliya wa tabaqat-ul-asfiya () 5. Maqdasi, al-Ahadith-ul-mukhtarah .

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A scholar is one who does not forsake Qur’an by craving other readings, besides that, there are no benefits in an act of worship which is void of knowledge, nor are there benefi s in knowledge without understanding, and surely there are no benefi s in reading without inference. In his life time, awlya bin Thabit, God be pleased with him, was true to his Lor. As for the disadvantages of attachment to obeying one’s passions and cravings, they prevent the servant from recognizing his Lord, on the other hand, overextending one’s hope makes one oblivious of the hereafter.

PaperbackNew Editionpages.

On the other hand, if one simply strives to merely comply with what God Almighty has ordained, though incorrectly and without the needed luck, or without having true reason to guide him to do what hiyat good, and to dissuade him from pursuing what God Almighty has forbidden. The sins of participants of remembrance circles are changed into pious deeds He made you love the meek.

Mohd rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Sa’ad also was tried with the office of leadership, and he proved to be a great leader. Want to Read saving…. I do not bring nigh unto Me the ostentatious or the pretentious ones.


Such blessed ones do not spread hearsay, and they are neither ostentatious nor hollow. So, if she is lying, then blind her, and throw her in a deep well; my Lord, and exonerate my name with a miraculous light of Yours that will show the Muslims that Eenglish was never unjust to her.

Give the glad tidings of My generosity to one who is hoping for Me to favorably consider his condition. Their souls live in this world, and their thoughts are focused on the hereafter.

The Beauty of the Righteous & Ranks of the Elite by أبو نعيم الأصبهاني

Abu Bakr turned to me and said, ‘I saw the world ao come before me and it knelt down, but it refrained from coming closer. I swear by Him Who sent you with the message of truth that this must be declared openly. He cleanses them from affectation and replaces it with purity, trueness and sincerity. He reserved for them the highest of heavens, for they are the wisest of people. Ahmad ibn Hambal, al-Musnad 4: They are protected from looking at this abject world with arrogance, and they observe the work of their Beloved with contemplation and heedfulness.

I once heard God’s messenger say: Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition.

A true gnostic is one who truly knows God Almighty, who has understood God’s purpose, who acts upon what God uilyat, abstains from what He forbids, and who calls God’s creation to answer the call of their Lord and Creator. Hence, when one seeks and allows reality to come to the surface, such innate unique essence will engoish the entirety of the human being: Never trust such a person with your secret, and solicit advice only from the God-fearing people.


Rumi rated it it was amazing Mar 16, He limited his needs to little, and he wa pahent until the time when he met his Lord ; and when he began waliya second and final segment of his journey. He sipped the bitter taste of his trials and tribulations in this world to savor the everlasting sweetness and solace of salvation in the hereafter.

Chapter 21 – 30

They free themselves from any entanglements before it is too late, and they prepare themselves to meet their death. Hence, their hearts open, their understanding expands, and their determination to comply with – 14 – The Beauty of The Righteous its demands is stirred to the degree of intensifying their striving. You must understand that knowledge is better than money, for knowledge will guard you, while you have to be the guard of your money. A person may use his religious knowledge for worldly gains.

Verdier, Hasten to your friend! Brill, 2: In fact, Omar’s innate virtues strengthened his faith and made him unyielding in his pursuit of the divine goal.

When their dwellings fall apart, they do not rebuild them, and when their desire for this world dies in their hearts, they do not renew it. A gnostic truly knows his Lord, he remains continuously at His doorsteps, and he forsakes any supplemental company.