This is the Final release of FreeNAS it improves it’s functions . Fix the document link on Services|Rsync|Server|Settings (BR ). Example: FreeNAS to FreeNAS Dedicated User Replication · Example: FreeNAS to FreeNAS or Other Systems, Manual Setup · Encryption Keys. The FreeNAS® User Guide is a work in progress and relies on the contributions of . jail template has been removed. iohyve has been updated to version

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Unless you are beta testing the upcoming version, you should NOT be reading the wiki version of the documentation. Since the Users Guide is specific to a released version, always use the version of the Guide that matches your software version. If you are interested in translating the most recent released version of the documentation, send an email to the freenas-translations mailing list.


BSD Release: FreeNAS ( News)

The rest of this wiki is the editing area for the upcoming 9. Unless you are beta testing 9.

We need your help to fill in the documentation gaps and to provide real-world usage examples to make sure that the 9. This Guide documentatkon into a useful resource when users meaning you!

You don’t have to write large sections in order to be a contributor. You also don’t need to have a lot of time on your hands.

FreeNAS Sabanda Released!

You simply have to create a login account in order to assist with any of the following tasks:. We are emailed whenever edits are made and will contact you for clarification if an edit is unclear.

You can also be notified when specified pages are edited–simply click the “my preferences” or “my watchlist” links whenever you are logged into the wiki.

Main Page From Freenas. Are you using FreeNAS 0. Users running previous versions are encouraged to upgrade to or install the current release and to refer to the 9.


You simply have to create a login account in docmentation to assist with any of the following tasks: You can use this if you would like to suggest further information that should appear in that section of the Handbook. Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History.

Navigation Table of Contents.