ANAEROBNA DIGESTIJA ORGANSKOG ČVRSTOG OTPADA: PERSPEKTIVE I ISTRAŽIVAČKA DOSTIGNUĆA. ANAEROBIC DIFESTION OF ORGANIC WASTE . Anaerobna probava (digestija). Anaerobni digester za poboljšanje tla. U radu je prikazana izgradnju mini digestera za mezofilnu anaerobnu prob digesterom. Title: Anaerobna digestija z glivami predobdelanega substrata. Authors: Smerkolj , Janez (Author) Pečar, Darja (Mentor) More about this mentor New window.

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Anaerobna digestija z glivami predobdelanega substrata. Uporablja se kot substrat pri proizvodnji bioplina.

Posamezen poskus smo izvajali v paru. This work is available under this license: The mixture of chicken manure and sawdust is a waste that is generated during chickens rearing.

This mixture is used as a anaeronna for biogas production. Complex lignocellulosic structure of wood contains lignin, which limits the access of microorganisms to cellulose and hemicellulose, thus resulting in lower conversion of the substrate during anaerobic digestion.

In this thesis chicken manure and sawdust were digesyija with wood decay fungi, which were grown beforehand on barley straw. While mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus and Trametes versicolor were growing, enyzmes like laccase and peroxidase enriched the barley straw.

These enzymes degrade the complex structure of lignin and digestijs enable microorganisms to access the cellulose. Anaerobic digestion was performed at different chicken manure and anaerbna to barley straw overgrown with fungi ratios. Ordinary barley straw was used for the control instead of barley straw with fungi. The batch fermentation processes were conducted in duplicate. The amount of generated biogas was measured with water displacement technique.


The concentration of produced biogas was determined using GC analysis.


Ordinary digesttija produced the highest volume of biogas in all rations with chicken manure in anaerobic digestion compared to straw digestika with fungi. The 5-day incubation of the mixture of chicken manure and straw overgrown with fungi proved to be the most productive time. We concluded that the ratio of chicken manure and sawdust to substrate, as well as the type of straw, has no significant impact on the concentration of methane or carbon dioxide.